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About Me

The name DJ SHINSKI has been an echo in the minds of many partygoers across the world. Not only is he known for his impressive dj skills but mostly for his diverse characteristics. His passion for music has geared him to seek a wide assortment of music. Moreover, his ability to distinctively read the crowd’s taste of music, has proven that he can rock any type crowd. His groundbreaking career began less than a decade ago but by sheer skills and mixing talents, he has been catapulted to great heights. Shinski was born in Kenya and developed a love of music at an early age. Shinski was just 16 years old when he discovered his true passion for djing. Inspired by big-time djs, he began making mixtapes and selling them in the party scenes; which received a lot of love and in no time gained a name for himself in Houston, TX. Shinski got his first break into the club scene when he first deejayed at a club called Identity Bar, in Houston Texas, that his friend was hosting. The crowd was overwhelmed with the fresh new talent that he delivered on that night. Ever since then, his skills and abilities have made him receive worldwide recognition. He is multicultural, crosses national boundaries, music genres and appeals to a large audience group.

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